069 - overcoming laziness

In my childhood, if there was one adjective you could have used to describe me - hands down, it would have been lazy. I'd take shortcuts, I'd do the minimal amount of work, and I'd spend my spare time in front of the TV on the PlayStation tearing up Crash Bandicoot...

I'd be the kid who stops 5m short of the line and coasts over it instead of running through it. A habit that cost me a spot in a rep team on more than one occasion - coaches notice this, and it's not a great skill to have...

And this laziness is a common trait we see in these next generations of young athletes and adolescents

Parents say things like "if only they could see their potential...", "if only they'd do the work that needs to be done...", and you can see the frustration and pain in their eyes

It's not quite a simple fix, as there needs to be buy-in and belief from the child in what they have to do. We cannot ever force them, and we never will - but we can try to negotiate with them to help them see the light that we see

And I remember when it all turned around for me after a conversation with my then coach. He kicked my butt into gear and was the first person to speak to me on the level that I needed to be spoken to. See, back in the day, I needed to be coddled but also have the fear of hell thrown in my face - and he had a special way of doing that

What I needed was emotion. I needed to tap into the reason WHY I wanted to achieve a spot in that NSW side. I needed some accountability with someone that I respected. Then, and only then, did I begin doing the extra work that I needed to do to become the kind of player who would play in that rep team

And what's funny is that whilst I was undergoing this change, I came across a video by Eric Thomas, a world-renowned motivational speaker. And during this particular speech he explains the truth that "when you want it as bad as you want to breathe, that's when you'll be successful" - and that's when it all really began to click for me

I was in control. I had to identify the key logs I needed to focus on in order to be successful. I need to do only those things and ignore everything else that could either slow me down or take me off track. This became my mantra, and a few short months later, I made that rep squad

How do we overcome laziness? What is it that we need? Well, depending on the child, it's going to be different...

Actionable Tips + Questions:

  • Do they need some kind of accountability system in place?
  • Are they the type of child that needs to be coddled and shown the way at the beginning, or do they need to have hell & fear thrown into them to get them moving?
  • Does there need to be some element of emotional pain shown whereby they need to take action in order to stop feeling the pain?
  • What's their why? Their core reason for wanting to achieve the goal they've set for themselves but aren't working toward? If they can discover this, they will have the emotion they need to pull themselves out of bed and do the work that's necessary for achieving the goal
Nick Maier