nutrition bite #015 - How To Have The Best Supermarket Shop Ever!

Is it just me, or are supermarkets becoming more and more like mazes every year? It's one of the places we want to utilise a "get in, get out, as quick as humanly possible" approach - and yet, if we don't go in with a game place, we can get lost in there and all these random things end up in our trolleys (or is that just me?)... here's a quick supermarket tour to ensure you get in and out in record time, and your trolley has all the things you need for your young athlete and adolescent to thrive

Simplicity, that's our goal here. Nutrition doesn't need to be complex, especially when it comes to shopping. You need to set an intention for your shop. What do you need, where should we be spending the majority of your time...

We love to bring it back to our five nutrition principles:

  • 5 serves of veg a day
  • A protein source at every eating occasion
  • Love your carbohydrates
  • Hydrate!
  • Make the best choice you can at the available time

When you look at the major layout of a supermarket, the majority of our time should be spent in the perimeter - fresh fruit and veg, bread of all kinds, meats, dairy products. And the best thing about these is that they help tick of the first three of our nutrition principles

When it comes to fruits and veg - aim for what the kids love, and try and get as much colour in as possible. The same goes for the bread, go with what the kids will eat - sure, we'd prefer high fibre options, but what matters most is the kids eating the food...

Meat will always be your most expensive items, so if you can, try and buy in bulk or look for specials. It's quite easy to buy the cheaper cuts and trim off any excess fat, and the same goes for mince, you can drain the fat away before adding other ingredients to the dish

When we venture down the aisles, it's predominantly for our toiletries, grains, and snacks. Your grains will be your rice, pasta, and some cereals. One of the big areas we get a lot of questions about are snacks, so here are some of our favourite ones to look out for :)


  • Muesli Bars - in particular, a brand called "Carmans " - they have recently released a line of higher protein muesli bars that use yogurt, nuts, seeds and other goodies plus they're delicious
  • Nuts and seeds in the individual packs
  • Trail Mix
  • Yogurt - YoPro and Chobani are fantastic products
  • Fruit Salad Packs (to mix with yogurt)
  • Crumpets or English muffins (to add meat and cheese or peanut butter to)
  • A few goodies - choccies, lollies, something the kids enjoy

Goodies? Yep, live a little. It's food. The kids need it if they're going to grow and develop, plus, eating isn't a chore. Relax on the food sometimes and enjoy life

That's it - simple! Stick to the perimeter and aim for your main food groups. When you do venture down the aisles, know exactly what you're looking for and you won't get stuck wandering aimlessly down each and every single one

Enjoy your shopping ladies & gents!
- Coach Nick

Nick Maier