DD12 - Busting the 8hr Sleep Myth & Discovering The Truth w/ Dr Nick Littlehales

This week’s Academy Podcast is guaranteed to NOT put you to sleep, although that’s what it’s all about… 🤔 🤔

This guest has worked with professional sports teams and individuals the world over, including:

1️⃣ Liverpool FC ⚽
2️⃣ Manchester United + City 🏆
3️⃣ Real Madrid (including Cristiano Ronaldo) 😳 😍
4️⃣ The England Cricket/Union and League teams 🏏 🏉
5️⃣ And many more…

He’s also the author of the world-class, best-selling book “Sleep” - and this episode is guaranteed to get you thinking differently about our 8 hours each night, break some myths, and get you thinking differently about getting your zzz's 😴 💤 💤

Nick Maier