094 - motivation + inaction = ...?

Motivation is everywhere. It's the end result that the majority of people are trying to produce on social media... We use words and tonality to elicit some emotion in people in the hope to drive them to take action - and it generally works for the short-term...

But short-term results aren't what we're after here. We're after long-term mental and physical development. We're seeking to take the longcut, the road less traveled, and do what the majority of others aren't willing to do

And that's the problem with motivation, it breeds hope. It gives us an inkling of what could be for us... of what might happen if things go our way... it shows us the outcome and makes us fall in love with it, where instead we should be focusing on the process of doing the daily activities that are going to move us closer towards where we need to go

Motivation may breed hope, but when there are no actionable steps or plans put in place to take action on this motivation, then hope dies... we go back to before the motivation sparked us up, and are left wondering what's wrong with us

And the truth is, there's nothing wrong with us... what's wrong is we've been done a disservice, as we've been sold all this hype and then not given the roadmap on how to get there

It's seeing your idols performing amazing feats on social media or the TV and feeling the emotion of wanting to be able to do it, but then failing to, as you realise you don't know where to begin and that it's going to take you 15yrs to get there...

It's being told the promise that you can have it all in a year, or you can add 10kg's to your frame or 10sec to your sprint in 6 weeks... only then to be left hapless after the 6 weeks is over and not knowing where to go

Motivation without action steps is like the billion-dollar hype before the latest blockbuster movie, only for it to come out in theaters and be an absolute flop

These next generations deserve better than that, they deserve nothing but the best. And if we're going to hype them up and show them their potentials, then it's on us to also help coach and guide them on how to get there

Actionable Tips + Questions:

  • Every single time you get motivated to achieve something, write down the 3 first steps you need to take in order to be on your way to achieving it. Essentially we're breaking the big macro goal down into smaller steps and generating momentum... we're forcing you to see what you can do today, right now, with whatever you have
  • Want to play in the NBL, NBA or Suncorp Premier League one day? Go put up another 100 shots, free-throws, work on the fade away, how you post-up, anything you need to work on for 30mins most days of the week... That's how you start and the aim is then to make it a habit, to make it a necessity/healthy obsession, to make it a part of you
Nick Maier