mindset bite #007 - how to simplify your effort in order to amplify your results

We create complexities to hide our imperfections... it's a truth we're all blind to. I'm unsure if it's to make us feel more important and feed our "ego" or to let us off the hook, but the more I discuss topics with people, the more I find they're overcomplicating it and overwhelming themselves

When I was younger I was an excessive program hopper. I'd get distracted by the latest shiny object, new training system, new nutrition "regime" and in the end, instead of finding results, I found stagnation, frustration, and anger

When you try everything, and you think the answer is so complex, this is what happens

Being able to simplify things is a powerful skill that will take you far in life... Being able to decipher and identify that which is truly essential and then going all in trying to execute those things

Doing so brings focus... It brings clarity... It brings the results you dream of

There's an exceptional book by Greg McKeown "Essentialism " that dives deep into this topic and helps us simplify our lives in order to amplify our results

McKeown argues how we always put too much on our plate and end up trying to run in a variety of directions, never quite getting to where we desire to go - the image below sums this up perfectly

download (1).png

Being able to apply all your energy, all your focus to a specific area is key in amplifying your results. And it begins with identifying where you want to go and then figuring out the best way to get there. If we take your training for example, what's your #1 goal... strength, speed, power...

The problem lies in wanting to do too many things at once (the circle on the left above)... we want to get stronger, faster, and more explosive all at once. It's possible, but hard, and you won't end up anywhere near as strong, fast, or powerful if you focus on all three than if you went all in on one instead

The same goes for your academic areas too - if you don't focus or make time on studying a specific course or applying yourself to an assignment, you won't achieve the results you seek. If you leave all your assignments to the last moment, you'll feel overwhelmed and jump around from assignment to assignment, topic to topic - and be left frustrated. Trust me, I've been there

We overestimate what we can achieve in a year and underestimate what we can achieve in 10... you don't need to try and achieve everything right now, as you've got so much time - you can apply yourself to building a specific skill for these next 6 or 12 months and still be way ahead of everyone else

When it comes to your training, you can focus on building your strength and speed in the offseason - but you've got to know that your conditioning won't be at its peak... then come in-season, your conditioning will be at its peak, and your training will aim to keep your strength levels, speed, and have you feeling and paying your best

Actionable Tips/Questions:

  • "How do I need to develop from a physical and mental standpoint in order to become the athlete & person I aspire to become?" - once this has been identified, you can set a plan to focus on developing those few key skills and attributes over time
  • Utilise the Rule of Three - only ever identify three things AT MOST that you can take action on. I've found from experience that 1 works best, but you can get away with three smaller focus points if needed

Simply your efforts and amplify your results!

Nick Maier