mindset bite #005 - what do you see?

An atheist and a priest are sitting in a bar in Iceland, having a discussion that only ever comes up after about 5 beers...

They're discussing the reality of God, and as you can imagine, it's getting quite heated...

"I've just never had any reason to believe," said the atheist, "I've never seen any proof before"...

"But do you need to see everything in order to believe it truly exists" argued the priest...

The atheist went on to tell a story that ingrained his disbelief in the topic:

"You know that huge blizzard we had a few weeks ago? I got lost away from my camp in that. I thought I was going to die... I got to my knees and screamed 'Oh God, if there is a God, please help me find my way back to camp, for if I don't I'll die out here'..."

The priest responded, "Well surely that's proof enough. You're here, alive to tell the story"... The atheist then responded with "No. All that was was a couple of eskimo's walked past and showed me the way back to camp..."

It's funny isn't it. The same story, the same experience, and yet two people see the same thing differently... it happens everywhere in life

Just this morning I was down in Wyong watching one of our Academy OG's play for the Sydney Roosters, when there was an argument between a referee and a player - the ref saw one thing, the player another

And it opens our eyes to the truth of perception - that is, what we deem to "see" and how we define a particular situation... this is all based on our own beliefs & worldview formed from past experiences, biases, and views we currently hold

The power here lies in knowing that the player couldn't control the referee's call - it is what it is, no amount of arguing would change it... the power lies in the awareness of this, and trying to see the situation from the viewpoint of the other person - not trying to change their mind, but instead trying to change your perspective in order to see theirs

Now, this doesn't mean their correct, it just means that you're aware enough to detach from your ego and be mature in this situation

People will always disagree with you... the coach is always going to see things differently to yourself from time to time, as will your parents and siblings... and that's not on you, it's perfectly fine for them to do so

What is on you, is how you respond and react to it...

Actionable Tips/Questions:

  • The next time you find yourself in a situation where you disagree with someone, try and show awareness of where they're coming from... show awareness that they have different experiences, worldviews, and "realities" to you, and that's completely okay... move on, and save you're energy as trying to change their perspective will be a waste
Nick Maier