DD6 - there is no "there", only here and now w/ 2x World Champion Matt Vincent

Matt Vincent is a self-confessed "washed up thrower", "professional knee rehabber", and "barbell enthusiast" - but he's also INCREDIBLY modest

We like to think of his as a world-class human, a teacher, and a 2x World Champion Highland Games Athlete...

This week on The Academy Podcast, we were honoured to have a heartfelt and authentic conversation with Matt around his biggest lessons learned from a life well lived thus far

We discuss:
- How To Stack The Cards In Your Favour
- How A Rising Tide Can Raise All The Ships
- Why Putting Your Head Down and Doing The Work is What Matters Most
- How There Is No “There”
- His Biggest Mistake in Life
- And Much More…

Enjoy! <3

Nick Maier