deep dive #002 - how to break patterns and level up at a faster rate

There’s the circle of life… there’s the hero’s journey… both are natural states of life and how we move through it… The funny thing is that these cycles take a long time to complete, one takes your entire life, the other may take years… yet, there’s another cycle that, once you’re aware of it, you can complete at a pace you set, and in turn acquire skills and knowledge faster than others

If there’s a skill that sets some of the best in the world at what they do apart from the rest of us, it’s self-awareness…

Knowing who they are… what they’re best at… where they need to give their time… and where they’re going in life

And the best news is, self-awareness is a skill that can be cultivated and grown… it begins by sitting with yourself and looking into what it is that you truly desire… what makes you happy… what you find fun… what you’re great at and what you suck at

One of the best things I’ve ever done happened back in 2013 – I asked five people whose opinion I respected, and asked them what they deemed to be my strengths and weakness… their answers opened my eyes

And what this awareness does is kick off a powerful cycle, a cycle I like to term to massive action cycle

Awareness > Intention > Action

To change something, or to improve, we first need to become aware of it…
Then we need to set an intention as to how we’re going to change it, learn it, or imporve upon it…Then, we take massive fucking action

Where most people fall flat is in the intention stage… the planning… as we overthink things and get caught up in them… we doubt ourselves… fear creeps in… and we ask the questions “will this work” and “am I good enough to do this”

The answer is simple – and I discovered it in Tim Ferriss’ “Tools of Titans”… - nobody knows what the hell they’re doing

Nobody has it all figured out. Nobody knows exactly what their next step looks like, let alone if it’ll pay off

What they have, is the awareness that they’ll need to work at it, and possibly pivot… they’re aware that failure is simply feedback… it’s data and information on what you’re trying – which in turn, can help solve the question “what do I do next”…

You’re aware of where you’d like to go next, or what it is that you need to figure out…

You might seek to make that rep squad… excellent, so what’s your intention… what work will you do to develop yourself to get there… what’s your plan of attack… and how can you make it simple so that you can take massive action on it

You might be stuck, lost in a sense of where you’re going or where you want to go… so set the intention to try and figure it out… sit down and think about what excites you and what you want to know more about than anybody else – and then take action to throw yourself into the depths of it

That’s how you’ll discover if it’s for you or not – and that’s the beauty of doing it at your age… you have so much time

There’s no rush… as all that will do is stress you out and take away from your happiness. You don’t have to have it all figured out… hell, I’m 27 and I’m only 10% of the way there

As the more you learn, the more you’ll learn that you know nothing…

The Massive Action cycle, it’s powerful – and it will help you learn and cultivate skills and knowledge at a faster rate than others…

But once you’ve got your plan, remember to take action – as it’s the most important component of the entire cycle

And remember – nothing happens until somebody moves… until action is taken, things can only remain the same or get worse

Actionable Steps/Questions:

  • Ask 5 of your closest friends/acquaintances, those whose opinion you think has honesty, and ask them what they perceive to be your strengths and weaknesses… how do these align with what you perceive?

  • What’s one thing in your life right now that you need to break a pattern for… that you need to change… what intention & action do you need to take to change it?

Nick Maier