DD19 - Your Words Create Your Reality | Mark England

With our words we create our realities...

It's one of the biggest takeaway's I've had since learning from the world-class Mark Englan of Procabular

The mission of Procabulary is to dramatically reduce the amount of unnecessary stress and drama in
the world and to create more powerful, happy people as a result.

As Mark says, “With Procabulary, the conversation - with ourselves and each other - has officially been changed.”

And in this very special Deep Dive in The Youth Development Hour, we touch on:
✅ The 4 table legs of our identity - imagination, feelings/emotions, physiology/posture and how well we breath
✅ Conflict Language vs Architect Language
✅ Expectations vs Excuses
✅ The Most Powerful Way to Set Goals
✅ And more...

Enjoy Fam :D :D

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Nick Maier