DD28 - Seeking Out Challenges Is The Path To Growth In Life | Logan Gelbrich

"How might I be wrong about this?" - Logan Gelbrich

It's a brilliant question we should all ask ourselves... Why? Because it's going to cause us to seek out disconfirming information that questions we're wrong and forces us to widen our perspective

It's just one tip that Logan advises the youth to to help them grow and evolve in life 💙

In this Deep Dive, Logan and Coach Nick go into:
✅ How Stress is a Necessary Element for Adaptation
✅ Why We Should Seek Challenges
✅ The 4 Levels of Human Competence
✅ Why All Your Goals Are Outside of Your Control
✅ Why Any Energy Spent Outside The Present Moment is Wasted Energy
✅ And much more...

Enjoy this one fam 💙 It's a cracker!

Nick Maier