084 - like water off a ducks back...

I want to start by prefacing this... no matter who you are, how high/far you go in life, there will always be others who try to drag you down and force their own self-limiting, disempowering beliefs on you

It could be hecklers in the crowd. Journalists in the media. Some of your childhood friends who now show jealousy. Hell, it may even come from those closest to you whom you think love you the most...

But the truth is this, nothing they say is true or holds any power over you unless you choose to give it that power

The words they say can slide off you like water off of a ducks back if you let it...

I know a young man who's an incredibly gifted and talented AFL player, so much so that he's part of the Sydney Swans Academy. And here in Australia, we have that "tall-poppy syndrome" we have to deal with - and for Swanny, this shows from his coach in his local club football

He's the one player his coach hounds everytime a mistake is made... a verbal bombardment that isn't truly justified... and it's affecting Swanny more than he'd care to admit

The saddest part, this is a common story we hear from young athletes and their parents alike... but there is gold hidden within

Firstly, we can try and see it from the coaches perspective, where there are two different options:

  1. The coach see's the talent in you and is going to push you to hold a higher standard in order to help you... the key here would be the coach having a conversation with you to make you aware of this, as otherwise, you won't know...

  2. The coach doesn't understand true coaching and may have it out for you

As we always try to do, let's discover the good in this situation... It's an experience that we can use to develop and cultivate critical skills we're going to need in the future... it's a situation that we can adapt to, learn from, and overcome

If this is happening in your life, the first step may be to approach your coach or the person who's doing this, and ask them why, as it may clear a lot of things up. Otherwise, use it as a time to learn that THE THOUGHTS AND OPINIONS OF OTHERS DON'T MEAN ANYTHING UNLESS WE CHOOSE TO GIVE THEM POWER

Nick Maier