078 - lessons we can learn from Tom Brady...

Right now, he has 5 Superbowl rings, 4 Superbowl MVP awards and is possibly the greatest QB we've ever seen. 18 years ago, however, in the draft of the year 2000 - he was selected as pick #199...

Too slow. Too clumsy. Not a strong enough arm. Too little time in the pocket. These were all things that scouts and other people said of Tom Brady - but they didn't know the powerful truth that we can develop ourselves into the people and athlete's we aspire to become - we all have immense potential within us

And it's the core of two lessons that we can learn from Tom Brady...

  1. It's not about who you are today that matters most, it's about who you want to become and how hard you're willing to work to become that person

    Had the scouts known this, they may have seen the true potential that lay within Brady. It's something that not many people see, they want the finished product RIGHT NOW, they want to have the "David", not do the work to the marble stone that will unveil David hidden within

    Tom Brady knew he had a chance, and that's all he needed. He fell in love with the process, focused on it, and worked hard on becoming the kind of QB that would be the #1 for his team and start games... and look where this work ethic and mindset got him
  2. The thoughts and opinions of others mean nothing unless we choose to listen to them and give them power

    Had he believed what others thought about him and his abilities... had he listened to them and fought for his limitations, he wouldn't be close to where he is now... who knows, he might not have ever been the starting QB or made a single appearance. The truth is though, he knew that the thoughts and opinions of others mean nothing to us unless we choose to believe them. People might think you're too slow, too weak, too small, or don't have what it takes, and you can choose to believe them or you can choose to respect their opinion but not believe it and move onward and forward to developing the skills you need to develop

Two focus points that if you apply yourself to, you'll begin edging closer toward achieving those goals you've set yourself. If they're simple & good enough for the greatest QB of all time, they're good enough for you!

Actionable Tips + Questions:

  • What are the 1-3 physical and mental skills you need to develop in order to become the athlete you aspire to become? Now, what's one thing you can do this week to work on each of them?
  • Do you currently give power to the thoughts and opinions of others? If so, why? It's okay to hear their thoughts and opinions and respect them, but only you can choose if there is a power behind them. For instance, you might be too slow right now, respect it, and work on turning this weakness into a strength
Nick Maier