DD10 - The Gut Microbiome and Overcoming Food Intolerances + Eating Disorders w/ Dietitian Leah Marmullah

Leah Marmullah is a world-class dietitian who can throw herself down many, many rabbit holes and come back with extensive knowledge that will blow your socks off

When it comes to Young Athlete & Adolescent Development from a nutrition aspect in many different areas, she’s your gal!

In this episode, we dive deep into:
- Food Intolerances, Diagnosing Them and How To Best “Treat” Them…
- Our Past Battles with Disordered Eating and The Lessons We Learned From Them
- The Gut Microbiome
- Learning from Past Mistakes
- And much much more…

Enjoy this one Fam! It’s a gem <3

Nick Maier