kids on the kouch 005 w/ Jarod Gurr, The Gurrgeous One

Jarod is a 16yr old Field Hockey Champion, he currently plays with the South's Men's Team, is in the NSW Bushrangers and AAP State Squad. His goal for 2020 is the make the U21's NSW Squad and he's a bit of a joker as you'll soon see

How Do You View Failure, And Do You Have A Favourite Failure?
Failure to me is not reaching what you define as success for yourself. I personally take failures quite hard, it's one of the biggest shifts I have to make, to understand not to tie my identity into failure. We can learn from failure, and understand what we need to work on for next time

What Comes To Mind When You Hear The Word Fear?
Fear is something we look at and we're scared of, but we need to face our fears. But we need to draw inspiration from the quote "you miss 100% of the shots you don't take" - so take your shots, take your chances - you can't be scared to do that. Go hard or go home...

Where Do You Think Pressure Comes From?
Yourself, especially for me. I always set high expectations for myself and always want to do stuff to the best of my ability. I place even more pressure on myself due to my relationship with failure

Is Adversity Something We Should Run Toward or Away From?
You can't live without adversity, as to me that would be a perfect life, and it doesn't exist. Life wouldn't be worth it, it'd be boring without challenges and obstacles

What's A Small Piece of Advice You'd Give To A Former Version of Yourself?
Don't take knockbacks so seriously, you'll always get back up and keep moving forward

How Would You Finish This Sentence: "It All Comes Down To..."
Being confident and (insert Izaac Smith) - it all comes down to me as you wouldn't get anywhere without yourself, you have to put in the effort...


Nick Maier