kids on the kouch #001 w/ Australian Futsal Rep Regan Black

Kids on the Kouch is a weekly segment that helps us see the world through the eyes of young athletes and adolescents. It's designed to help the next generations gain perspective on deeper topics from like-minded kids their own age, in an order for them to help one another build themselves up into the people they aspire to become

In this inaugural episode, we sit down with Regan Black. Regan has overcome a lot of adversity in his life, and by that, we mean that he shouldn't really be here with us today... He overcame insurmountable complications as a baby, and has used that tenacity to go on to thrive and become an NPL player and Australian Futsal Rep... today, we discuss pressure, fear, overcoming obstacles, and what he believes it all comes down to in life...

  • How do you view/define failure? Do you have a favourite failure?

To me, failure is all about learning. I feel like that when we "fail", we're truly simply learning. From failure comes feedback, and with that the opportunity to progressively better ourselves. Failure is a stepping stone to success as the more we fail, the more we learn, and the more we can improve

  • Where do you think pressure comes from?

Pressure comes from fear of failing, which 100% isn't necessary

  • What comes to mind when you think of the word fear?

Failure. But it stems from the expectations our coaches set of us and what we demand of ourselves - if they're too high, we fear not reaching them and then "failing"

  • How do you view obstacles/adversity?

I think of the good on the other side. If we're in the gym and things get hard, I think about the benefits and the good on the other side of that hard work. I think the biggest obstacles I've had to overcome are serious injuries, the worst of which was my foot - and it made me miss out on a spot in the NPL side, but I cam back bigger and better and made the side the next year. It's funny, as it all worked out well in the end

  • What advice would you give to a former version of yourself?

Just start, and start earlier. I wish I'd have started all of this earlier, all of this "outside football/outside my sport" work. It's not just enough to go to your sports-specific training each week, if you want to improve and better yourself you have to do the work outside of that to

  • How would you finish this sentence: "It all comes down to..."

Practice & repetition. Keep doing it, keep doing it, keep doing it and eventually you'll crack it and get better - it's the road to mastery

Nick Maier