kids on the kouch #008 w/ Coach Sean Bastock

He's the man behind the scenes who helps to ensure that everything is running smoothly, and is the Godsend that Coach Nick is incredibly grateful for and to have by his side at The Academy... He's "the sheep", Coach Sean...

Tell Us A Little About Yourself Sean
I'm a 27yr old man who has a passion for exactly this. Growing up I played a variety of different sports and I can say that 10 years ago, training changed and saved my life. I've always been told to take the safe road in my life, to go into a system, get a comfortable job, and live my days out - but I wanted to take this jump into my passion...

What comes to mind when you think of the word fear? And what is something that comes to mind that you were scared of and overcame?
There's a quote that immediately jumps to my mind - "there's the fear that makes you alive and there's the fear that keeps you from living" - and the majority of us give into the fear that keeps us from living. I love the fear-setting activity to truly see what my fears are and if they're keeping me alive or stopping me from living...

One big fear that jumps to mind is taking this jump to step into my passion and step away from what modern society wants for me by working a safe, secure job that we don't like. Fear held me back from taking this jump for years, but now I see that all of those fears don't exist in reality, they're all in my head...

What comes to mind when you hear the word failure?
The thought of failure used to scare me. I'd not do things out of the fear of failing and letting others down. I used to be a long-distance runner, one of the best in the state schools, and the fear of failing, not living up to others expectations scared me - so I faked an injury, and it's something I regret. I was scared of how I would feel about myself and how others would feel about me if I failed... Failure doesn't exist though, you either win or you learn - and it's something that can help these next generations change their lives

Where do you think pressure comes from?
It's all internal. But it helps, as I set higher and higher goals for myself, and if there's no pressure there to push me, then it means I won't do the work or it won't mean as much to me. Sometimes we can be too hard on ourselves and place far too much pressure on ourselves, but it's needed to level up, go again, and build belief

If you could give some advice to a former version of yourself, what would you tell yourself?
1. Follow your intuition
2. Do your best to never complain or make excuses
3. Take ownership for everything that happens to you in your life. To an extent, your parents do control you and what you do, but if you can get in the mindset that you have complete control and things are happening for you, not to you, then you won't develop a victims mindset and you'll be ahead of so many people

What's been your biggest accomplishment so far?
My wife, my young son, and the person I am

How would you finish this sentence, "it all comes down to..."
Being happy, being your true authentic self, and creating the life that will build you happiness and fulfilment

Nick Maier