kids on the kouch 006 w/ Netballer Ellie Price

Ellie Price is a 15yr old Netballer who has been blessed to represent at NSW State Age Championships, the Hunter Academy of Sport, and currently plays at an A Grade level in the local Newcastle Comp. Today, we get her views on fear, failure, pressure, adversity, and advice she'd give to a former version of herself <3

What comes to mind when you hear the word failure? Do you have a favourite failure?
I think failure is something that we should always try and see the positive in, as we can grow and learn from it. It comes when we try and push ourselves to work harder, and we get feedback on what's working. My favourite failure is that big box jump, as I couldn't do it, then I did it, then I failed again, and I had to work back up to it again

Where do you think pressure comes from?
Inside. Pressure comes from wanting to do your best, for yourself and your team. When we don't, I find it puts more pressure on ourselves and I get disappointed and lose confidence when that happens. Pressure is all on me, it's something I place into an overexaggerated perspective and is something I'm working on

How do you define fear?
Fear is something that we need, it's something we must want to overcome. It comes when we're out of our comfort zone and we're trying to achieve - it stems from thinking we can't do something

How do you view obstacles and adversity? Are they something we should run toward or away from?
Run towards those bastards! They're teachers for us and are the things stopping us from reaching a higher level. To get to that higher level we need to overcome them, so we have to go toward them

If you could give a former version of yourself advice, what would it be?
Don't stress so much or place so much pressure on yourself. When I've done this, I stop myself from trying... Go for it, as if you don't, you might regret it

How would you finish this sentence: " It all comes down to..."?
Your motivation and determintion to become who you want to be. You need to push yourself to reach your true potential and prove to yourself it is possible with enough confidence and hard work over a long-enough timeline

Nick Maier