kids on the kouch #003 w/ Bray Guyan

Bray Guyan is a champion in every sense of the word. A 15yr old Rugby League & Rugby Union representative, he's just been selected in the Sydney Roosters Harold Matts Squad for the 2017 season - an honour that's thoroughly well deserved given his incredible mindset and work ethic

How do you view/define failure? And do you have a favourite failure?
I define failure as the way we each view certain circumstances that come our way, for instance, what you view as a failure I might not... and I always see my failures and setbacks as opportunities to get better - as when one door closes, another 10 open. My favourite failure would be not being picked up by any Newcastle sides and now being a part of the Sydney Roosters Harold Matts Squad for the 2017 season

What comes to mind when you think of the word fear?
Failure. I find that we place a lot of pressure on ourselves and we don't want to see ourselves fail, so there is always fear leading into situations that are important to us and where we might, but don't want to, fail

Where do you think pressure comes from?
It comes from me. I always place it on myself, I always have - but I see it as a thing that's pushed me to the level that I now find myself at... without it, I don't know if I'd be here... but I view specific pressure's as a privilege - as the pressure comes in big moments, and we should all want to be a part of those big moments in our sport and life when it's all on the line

How do you view obstacles/adversity?
I think we should seek them out, as the more obstacles we face, the rougher the ride and the more we can grow and develop ourselves

What's a piece of advice you'd give to a former version of yourself?
Don't be so stubborn and take more advice. I used to think I knew it all and wouldn't take advice on-board. But now that I've loosened up, I'm getting stronger, fitter, faster and am becoming a better person both on and off the field. When I was about 10 to 12yrs old I was a little hot-headed and stubborn, but my father helped me out of that

How would you finish this sentence: "It all comes down to..."
You. You're the only thing that can make whatever you desire happen in life. You'll always have the support from family and coaches, but if you want it, you've got to do the work and go and get it...

Nick Maier