036 - it won't make you happy...

It won't make you happy...

It's a sign that every single shop and car dealership should have outside of if to remind consumers and people about to make a purchase of this ultimate truth to life - that buying more things will not bring you the happiness you're seeking

And it's a lesson all young athletes and adolescents must learn - materialistic possessions won't make us happy, happiness comes from within and is a choice we can make whenever we so desire

If they can learn that now, right this very second, then they'll escape much frustration and pain in their futures

The more we go deep into this rabbit hole, the more we begin to see a commonality between where this arises from - setting "if/when 'x' happens, then 'y'" - and I'm sure you've heard them all before

If I make that squad, then I'll begin training harder...
If I get an A or higher, then I'll be happy with my grade...
If I could only get the new iPhone, then all the cool kids would like me...
When I finally play a perfect game, that's when I'll win my parents/coaches love and affection...

The problem lies within the fact that those are all absolutes, and you may honestly never reach them - therefore, you'll never be "happy" in your eyes. Happiness is not an absolute however, it's a state that we can experience right now - you are happiness defined

If I could only get my own space and own my own gym... if that happens, that's when everything will be alright and I'll be happy - that was me back in 2017, and I can tell you for a fact that I got that gym of my own, and nothing else had changed. I was still the same person, I simply now owned a gym and had bigger problems to face - happiness was not found within those four walls

What did make me happy was helping others, giving myself to being of service to them, and knowing that we were making a positive & beneficial impact on them and their lives - that's where happiness came from for me - and I could find that anywhere I go

So it's a simple fix - we need to stop setting this "if, then" absolutes and ultimatums with ourselves. We need to stop looking for achievement and possessions for our happiness - and instead, we need to look at the present moment and within ourselves

If the next generations can begin learning this lesson right now, at a young age, then they're setting themselves up for a lifetime of happiness and success in their futures

Actionable Tips/Questions:

  • Do I currently have any "if, then" goals I've made with myself? If so, what are they and why do I believe them?
  • What can I look at for my happiness and fulfilment in life?
  • What are 1-3 actionable steps I can take each day to keep me working toward them?
Nick Maier