077 - is the safety net really a death trap?

We think that the safest option and choice we can make is to say or do nothing, to simply wait & see what happens or what will be. The funny thing is however, this can be the most dangerous and deadliest of options

Not making a decision is making a decision to not act

Nothing happens until somebody moves. You may be scared, you may be hesitant, your "spotlight effect" may be kicking in full force, but standing still, hoping for things to go your way is not your best strategy...

As perhaps that safety net doesn't exist to keep you alive, perhaps it's more like a spiders web that, once inside, keeps you trapped and stops you from living...

Actionable Tips + Questions:

  • Do I currently have a safety net that I'm using as a crux, or as an excuse, to keep me safe and at this level I currently find myself? If so, why? What am I scared of happening? Can I do the fear setting exercise to try and see what my fears really are, if they really exist, and what inaction could be costing me?
Nick Maier