091 - I see no changes

Change. It's the one thing the majority of us fear more than death itself. We try and do everything in our power to keep things the way that they are to remain certain, to hold onto some form of security and feel like we're in control

Besides, if everything stays the same, there's comfort. And we all love being comfortable

But when you look at nature, when you look at the world around us, everything, and I meant everything, is in a state of flux - a state of rapid change

The weather. The temperature. Night and day. Seasons. Ice turns to water. Water boils. Heat applied to food changes both the taste, texture, and what it looks like. Everything in life changes, it appears to be one of the most natural things in life

So why do we run away from it? Why don't we embrace it? Why can't we understand the concept that we're going through multiple "phases" in life, multiple "heroes journeys", go with the flow and enjoy it all

"Your dreams draw near when you advance despite fear"
- Brendon Burchard

We're evolving whether we like it or not. The power lies in our choosing and deciding of where we want to grow and how we want to evolve

You can sit idly by, drenched in fear, and watch your life pass you by...
Or you can take the reigns, walk into the fear, and choose the area's in which you want to grow and evolve in life

Actionable Tips + Questions:

  • Do I currently fear change? If so, where does this show up? Do I fear myself changing, my friend's group changing, my job changing, moving to a different place, changing teams, changing sports, changing goals...
  •  How do I need to grow and develop this year in order to make 2018 my best year ever? If I want to make that team, get those grades, or have that better relationship, what aspect(s) of my current routine do I need to change?
Nick Maier