087 - how are you investing your time and energy...

We all get the same 24hrs in a day, it's a brutal truth you know to be true - and how you choose to invest those hours you have will determine the quality of your life...

But there's an even more powerful aspect that we get an allotted amount of too - and it's our physical, mental, and emotional energy...

We all have a specific amount of energy to give each and every day, and where we choose to direct our energy can either provide us with more or drain it quicker from us

Picture an hourglass filled to the brim with sand. This represents the amount of energy you have for the day, and it trickles away at a set rate... things that drain your energy, such as worrying, frustration, anger, distractions (all aspects of a failure mindset) drain this energy quicker and quicker - leaving you flat and fatigues earlier in the day - whilst the things that give you energy and leave you filled with happiness, joy, and fulfilment maintain your energy levels and add to them

And it comes down to identifying where you need to be directing and diverting your energy over the course of the day that matters most. What are the tasks that fill you with energy and move you closer toward your goals and what are the tasks that take you away from them

For instance, my Liverpool FC team lost 2-1 to the terrible Manchester Utd team over the weekend, and a few of the Academy boys let me hear about it. They said there was an atrocious referee decision that cost us a penalty that should have made the game 2-2, and my response bemused them...

It happens, and nothing I do nor say will ever change the outcome. Referees are humans and will always make mistakes - giving my time and energy to worrying about this, letting it frustrate and anger me does nothing - even more so for the coaches and players

You control yourself, your thoughts, your actions and where you choose to divert yourself - so choose wisely. Don't focus on the things you cannot control or change, as they're a terrible use of your gifts - instead focus on the things that matter most, the things that make you happy, and the things that help you bring your best self to your sport and life

Actionable Tips + Questions:

  • Where is the majority of your time and energy spent each day? Does this add or take away from your life/move you toward or away from your goals?
  • If it's taking away energy and moving you away from your goals, how can you pivot and what can you focus on instead?
  • How can you possibly change your environment to one better suited to adding energy and time to your days?
Nick Maier