mindset bite 001 - learning to ride the highs and lows of life

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life. it's a tough one. one day you'll be on top of the world and the next it'll feel like you've been hit by a train...

the power lies in knowing that this is all a natural part of life. it's the duality of life at work. the lows have to come after the highs so that everything is equalised out - so that we can appreciate the high, know what it is

the power lies in being aware that lows will come, they're inevitable, and you shouldn't seek to try and not have them, but rather try and catch them quicker so they don't last as long

honestly, this past month has been one of the toughest I've endured for years. I've had a breakdown in my car and never felt so much fear, frustration, or as scared as I do right now... and even though I fall into the negative self-talk, I knew there was a positive coming my way with time

and it hit me this morning...

I had a missed call from our resident princess, Hayden & then one from his father. I knew something was up...

I rang Hayden back, voicemail. I rang his dad... "he's got news, Nick. I'll let him tell you..." - my heart stopped beating

I call Hayden back... he says: "I got an email this morning". "Go on..." I say...

"I got accepted by an NCAA Div 2 college just outside of Pittsburgh. They've offered me a $17,000 scholarship"

I was speechless. And as I sit here writing this, I've got an insane amount of goosebumps...

But the power of this story lies in the trials and tribulations Hayden had to get through to receive this high... here's a quick overview of his journey this past twelve months

  • Newcastle Knights keep telling him no - low
  • We meet and work hard for a few months ticking off all the boxes for him to make his 1st-grade debut for Cessnock - high
  • Cessnock Coach won't play him in 1st Grade - low
  • For fun, he goes and trials for Gridiron & is taken as 1st Rd draft pick - high
  • Singleton offer him a 1st-grade position in their league team - low and high
  • Visits Gold Coast for a Gridiron Camp and is told to make a compilation video of him playing
  • Gets injured in Gridiron Grand Final - low (team wins without him)
  • Begins to receive offers from colleges about gridiron scholarships (43 in total) - high
  • Gets dropped from Singleton 1st Grade for semi-final and sent to 2nds - low
  • 1st-Grade gets knocked out in semi-final and he can't play Grand Final for seconds - low
  • Ruptures ACL and MCL in Newcastle Gridiron Game - low
  • Receives news he may not need surgery and MCL heals itself - high
  • Colleges show interest but no one follows up or expressed a real offer, tons of negative self-talk and BS stories go through his head -  low
  • He receives an email from NCAA Div 2 college with scholarship - high

as you can see, it's an oscillation between lows and highs, a natural occurrence of life. know this, and you're halfway to overcoming it - as you'll never get stuck down in the valleys of the low's too much

but the same can be true, don't ride the highs too much, as something is always going to come to balance it out - and you don't want to be caught, as the crash will be even more painful


  1. become more aware of the oscillation between the highs and lows of your life, with the goal being to catch yourself faster when you're in a low and try to discover the way to your next high - but also know that it will come with time
  2. try not to ride the highs too much and know that a low will come to balance it out with time
Nick Maier