097 - hero, villain, or victim mentalities

The Identity Triangle.png

In every situation in life, we have three choices of whom we play in that situation:

  1. The Hero
  2. The Victim
  3. The Villain

The hero is the person we turn to for help in times of need, we can either be this person for others or for ourselves or seek out this person to help us...

The victim is the person who seeks out the hero and/or fails to take ownership for their own decisions and actions in life and blames other people

As for the villain, well, that's pretty self-explanatory. It's the person who forces fear, anguish, and so much more on others - draining their energy and time with the worst of intentions

And the power here lies in knowing that we have a choice in every single experience and situation we have in life as to which archetype we take and role we play...

We can choose to be our own hero and a hero for others by taking ownership of ourselves and living a life of service to others... We can choose to play the victim card, blaming others for what's happening/happened and reach out to a hero to "save us... Or we can choose to play the villain and heap pain, frustration, and anger on all of those around us

I call it "The Identity Triangle" and my intention and hope with it, and with this blog, is to show you that you determine the role you play and how you show up in life

Actionable Tips + Questions:

  • What identity do I normally take in situations? Be completely honest here, do you take ownership of everything and play the hero? Do you whine and complain to take the role of the victim? Or do you cause the havoc and place stress, frustration and anger on others by being the villain?
  • Why? Why do you take this identity and how does it show up?
  • Can you put a trigger in place so that when it does show up you can shift your focus and your identity to a more empowering, hero identity? 
Nick Maier