DD27 - 2 ACL Injuries & A Lifetime of Mental Growth | Harri Dowdell

Imagine what it's like to be 2 weeks away from fulfilling your biggest dream and having it ripped away from you...

You go through 12 months of hard work, only for it to happen again, only this time, it's completely outside your control

That's the exact 12 months that our very own Harri Dowdell had to endure, but the good news is, he's STRONGER have been through that fire

In this Deep Dive we have a vulnerable and authentic conversation about:

✅ His ACL Injury + Rehab
✅ The Lessons He Learned From It
✅ The Power of A Support Network
✅ His Funniest Joke
✅ And Much More...

Enjoy this one Academy Fam 💙

Nick Maier