Hard Question 2: how is this the best thing to ever happen to me?

We've all had life throw us in a hole and try to bury us alive. Some form of obstacle or adversity that just seems to continue to want to kick us while we're down, and then keep going until we tap and say "please, no more"

And in the moment, we think this is our rock-bottom and we cannot see the light that will eventually lead us out. We think this is it, the worst that life could ever get. We can choose to be the victim, to whine and complain... to make excuses as to why it's happening and how it's not fair

Hell, that's what I did. Numerous times. I've played the victim card more than I care to admit. I did it when I was battling being overweight and borderline obese as a kid - I thought that would always be it for me. I did it when I was then battling orthorexia, depression and suicidal thoughts. It happened again when I walked away from baseball, choosing to get a job and focus on my studies over pushing through for a sport I loved. Then the same thing happened when I was a failing uni student and received an email stating that I got one more chance, one more fail and I wouldn't be able to graduate

All of those felt like rock bottom moments at the time. But in hindsight, they're the best things to ever happen to me as they forced me to learn, grow, and develop myself as a person and a coach. I would not be the man I am today, nor know what I do and be able to help as I do without them

I wouldn't have gone down the Mindset, Sports Dietitian, or S&C Coach rabbit-holes without them. They were my own personal hero's journeys - and I experienced those things so that I could help others at the level I'm able to. They filled me with an unrivalled passion & desire to offer these next generations of YA + A's the guidance and support they deserve to get out of their own ways and achieve the success they desire to achieve in life

How is the worst thing to ever happen to you one the best things to ever happen to you? That's this week's hard question...

Right now, you may not be able to see it - but there's good in everything that happens to us. And this simple shift, this simple reframe of our experiences brings immense power to you

  • So you didn't make the team... good, you now know the level you need to get to and what you need to work on
  • Kids being mean at school... that's just a reflection of them and it's allowing you an opportunity to see that you control how much their words and actions affect you
  • Friends not talking to you... excellent, you're learning that you can't control other people and how they view a situation or act
  • So you didn't get an A on the exam... good, use that to study harder and smarter for next time
  • Did you get injured? Good, you needed a break and now you can focus on learning the skills of your position more

The time is now to stop playing the victim card and to learn from what's happening to you and try to see the good in it. You may not be able to see it straight away, but trust me, it's there 

Actionable Tip + Question:

  • What's something bad that's happened to you in the past and how can you reframe/shift your perspective of it to see the good in it and how it's bettered you right now...
Nick Maier