hard question 014 - do I need to hold myself to a higher standard?

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When you demand greatness of yourself, it's usually what you get. Truth

And yet, we're accepting mediocrity of ourselves, and we're letting others accept mediocrity of themselves

I'm doing the same thing, and every time I catch myself I'm grateful I'm on top of it now rather than later

- Not giving 100% to this present moment and what's in front of me...
- Not showing up how I want to show up with the kids...
- Accepting more excuses from myself than I should...
- Holding myself back and giving into fear that means I'm not providing these kids with what they need and deserve

It's time I held myself to a higher standard
And more importantly, it's time I, no we, held all of these kids to a higher standard - including themselves

Where are you currently slipping...? Where are you accepting excuses from yourself or not giving your 100%...?

Do you need to hold yourself to a higher standard in an area of your life, and if so, what's the area and what can you do about it?

I'll be making this vow to myself to improve myself and play at a new level...

Will you?
- Coach Nick

Nick Maier