hard question 013 - how can I get "me" back?

"Motivation". Personally, I believe it doesn't truly exist as it comes and it goes faster than that irritating mosquito late at night in your room...

Sometimes we're on fire and it seems like nothing is ever going to stop us...

And then at the drop of a hat, we wake up and it feels like we can't even manage the energy to get our butts out of bed...

We lose our love for ourselves, life, and the things that mean the most to us - and that sucks!

It may stem from fear, frustration, overthinking the situation, focusing solely on the negative and living in victimhood playing the victim card... But we can turn it around

As it's in these moments we can choose to take one of two paths to inspire action... moving toward a brighter future or run away from a painful one...

See, we're emotional creatures. We do everything out of emotion and justify them rationally at a later date - and this is what we need to really tie into when it comes to getting these next generations to take action

We can either pain the picture of a brighter or a painful future for them. One filled with pain, or one filled with pleasure. Personally, I know which one makes me act more than the other

Back me against a corner or tall me about all the pain that I might experience if I don't change things and I'll change quicker than a ditto when it comes across another pokemon as I don't want to experience that pain and heartache

It's the pain and emotion that helps me change, not the motivation. 

This might be having the conversation that if they don't change their attitude and work ethic they won't make the squad/achieve their dreams/get the grade to get into uni, etc, that they're hoping for

The heartache. The regrets. The frustration and anger. The health diseases. The sadness. It's making me upset just thinking about it

It might be telling them of all the amazing things awaiting them when they do make the squad/achieve their dreams/get the grade to get into uni, etc, that they're hoping for - and eliciting those pleasure emotions within them

In the end, it comes down to having a conversation that comes from a place of love and doing so on their level - not coming from a place of authority and power trying to tell them how it is... instead showing them how it could be like and how you want to help them stop the chances of that pain or get to the place they desire to go

Come from a place of love and understanding. Don't yell. Don't lecture. Don't condescend. And pain either a painful or pleasurable future for these next generations...

That's how we can help them get "themselves" and their love for their life and sport back <3
- Coach Nick

Actionable Tips + Questions:

  • Do you work better working toward a brighter future or running away from a painful one? Which elicits more emotion in you?
  • Go deep into it and REALLY paint it for yourself. How bright or dark is it. How good or bad do all of these things feel?
Nick Maier