hard question 012 - are the wheels starting to come off?

"Are the wheels starting to come off..."

It's something that's ingrained in us from an early age - this thought that more is better

More work. More training. More time spent on ourselves. More, more, more! It's no wonder that we're overwhelmed and flustered by trying to fit so much into this 24hrs we have each day that it often leaves us paralysed and unable to move

Or the wheels begin to wobble and fall off...

More is not the answer. Better is. And the more we try and cram into our days, the more efficient we try and become, the more we're setting ourselves up for disaster

The more we're setting ourselves up for a huge crash, a burnout. It might be a couple of days, or it might be the decision to stop what you're doing as you've lost your love for it - a conversation I've had with more parents than I'd like to lately

See, their kids are burnt out... they've been pushed to their ends and have lost their love for everything. Sport. Training. School. Relationships... it all takes it's toll

And that's on us as coaches and parents. It's a hard pill to swallow, but it's an empowering one as we can help shift the tide

We can lead the way and show them how it can be done by slowing down ourselves and increasing our expectations of what we're doing. We can identify a few key things to give our energy (mental + physical) + time too - and then focus on doing those things better instead of doing more things

So kids, if you're feeling flat, like you're spread too thin and the wheels are about to fall off - stop, slow down, and assess...

Actionable Tips + Questions:

  • Where is this overwhelm coming from/why do I feel like the wheels are about to fall off? What are the tasks/thoughts that make me feel these feelings? Once identified we can set an intention to change and remove them
  • What's currently on my plate that doesn't really need to be there? How can I simplify in order to amplify my results? How can I subtract some things in order to give more of myself to the things that truly matter?

Identify, set an intention and attack guys! Remember, only better is better, so focus on the things that matter most and do them to the best of your ability!
- Coach Nick

Nick Maier