hard question 011 - what is it that I fear most?

"What is it that I fear most?"

Courage begets more courage - it's a truth you need to understand in life. Fear is something that's going to be ever-present for you in a myriad of areas, from your sport, to your career, to your relationships

And it's showing courage in the face of these fears that will help you see them for what they truly are, move past them, and go on to achieve the success you desire to achieve in life 

But do you ever think about your fears? Do you ever question them and wonder if they're justified? Probably not... it's hard to do... it;s hard to see the forest through the tree's...

But we can identify our fears, and we can group them as being either rational or irrational. Our rational fears help keep us alive, like a fear of snakes, spiders, heights, flying, drowning, etc... Whereas our irrational fears stop us from living, like a fear of failure, of not being good enough, or in my personal case, a fear of having The Academy fail and it all go to nothing...

And the more I think about this... the more I think about and visualise all the things that could go wrong in order for this to become a reality, the more I begin to laugh... is it a possibility? Of course it is, even though it's chances of happening are miniscule. But focusing on this doesn't serve me... focusing on the possible negatives doesn't change things or empower me, it's simply an emotional reaction to losing something that means a lot to me

Fear Triangle - The Youth Academy

It's these small rational fears that create the strong foundation for which our irrational fears are built upon. I like to call it the Fear Triangle (see left)

We react emotionally to everything in life, and it's how we justify our beliefs and our choices at the most basic of levels. And when it comes to fear, the things that scare us most, the thoughts that put the feelings of fear into our hearts generally won't ever do us any harm, nor will they eventuate

Once these irrational fears have been identified, we can begin to work through them, we can begin to see them for what they truly are and how there's really no power to worrying about them

We can begin to see that the fear and the events we're thinking might happen are all in our heads. We can use the fear setting exercise to see them for what they really are, put a plan in place to overcome them if they do eventuate, and realise the cost of inaction far outweighs the fears themselves...

What do you fear in life boys and girls, like really really fear? Is it rational or is it irrational... Is it keeping you alive or is it stopping you from living?

And that's the ACTIONABLE TIPS + QUESTIONS for today ladies and gents... Ask yourself the question, sit with it, and then perform the fear-setting exercise to see the real truth about your so-called fears
- Coach Nick


Nick Maier