hard question 010: what if things are great as is?

"What if everything is fine as it is?"

Seriously, what if it is?

What if all those worries are simply thoughts in our head that will never eventuate... what then?

What if we're setting these unrealistic expectations of what things are supposed to be like... we're pushing too hard and demanding too much from ourselves and what we're doing, only to be left frustrated, angry, and heading down and into a negative spiral...

When we get into these moods, all we see are the negatives. It happened to me the other day and I had to stop everything I was doing. There was so much abundance, so much growth, so much happiness around me, and yet I couldn't shake this feeling of negativity

I thought I was burned out. It was the first time ever that I've not wanted to sit down and do the work. This one negative thought would show me all my inadequacies, all the area's I'm not happy with myself and where myself and The Academy can improve

And when I get myself into this mood, when I become too outcome focused, too much in comparison with others, there's one thing that acts as a trigger and brings me back to reality, and it's asking myself this hard question

"Nick, what if things are going great as it is"

And it always is. There's continually so much to be incredibly grateful for, if we choose to stop and see it. And when we need to stop and see it is when we feel frustrated, angry, and like the weight of the world is on our shoulders and we're caving in underneath it

It might be with your training. You might not be happy with the speed that you're progressing, or maybe you've stalled... but what if things are going great as is 

It might be in a relationship. You might be going through a rough patch with friends or family, and it might seem like there's no end in sight and it's all consuming... but honestly, what if things are really going great as is

You might not have gotten the mark in the assignment you were hoping for, or you flunked that test, a minor speed bump in the grand scheme of things, but something that can derail us... but once again, what if things are really going great as is

And almost always, they are. You're alive and breathing. You have your health. There's been a ton of growth and development in your past if you choose to see it all and focus on it. This too shall pass with time, know that

Actionable Tips + Questions:

  • If you're currently going through a rough period, find a quiet space, grab a pen and paper, and sit with it OR find someone who you can talk to and who will listen to you
  • Ask yourself the hard question "what if things are going great as is" - and write down all the things you COULD feel grateful and good about, even though you might not feel that way right now. Write them all down as they come, regardless of how small or big they might be
  • Then think about all of those things, and think about how you can make a conscious decision right now to begin doing things differently
Nick Maier