hard question 009 - am I limiting myself?

"Am I limiting myself? If so, how? And what can I do to stop it and change it?"

As much as we don't care to admit it, we all place limits on ourselves. We all hold ourselves back with the thoughts we have about the world, the things we think about ourselves, and the words we use to create our reality

Right now, I'm limiting myself with my thoughts about what I'm truly capable of... I'm limiting myself with specific thoughts of "I can't really pull all of this off"... and "am I the kind of person who can create and run something like this"... 

I'm placing a roof over my own head... I'm holding my own kite back with these thoughts of my limits instead of thoughts of my potential. These thoughts I'm having, and the words I'm using are painting negative, unclear pictures in my mind, and this in turn, drives the uncertain spiral deeper and deeper

But the funny thing, these thoughts used to send me down a seemingly never-ending negative spiral. I used to let them control me, but now I control them - and you can too

It all begins with awareness. It begins with identifying where we're holding ourselves back. It begins with being able to stop, shut off our ego, and be honest with ourselves

We all have self-limiting beliefs about a myriad of topics, for you it could be sport, academics, love, your own self-worth, or more... but the truth is these limits can be erased, these beliefs can be changed, and we can begin to see nought but our potentials

Where are you currently limiting yourself? In what area do you not see your potential, do you think you're abilities are fixed, and do you hold yourself back? What is it that you say to yourself in this situation? What words do you use, and what images does this bring about in your mind...

The goal isn't to never see our limits, as that's impossible. The goal is simply to catch ourselves when we do, and set an intention in place to stop thinking about/seeing these limits, and instead thinking about and picturing our potentials

Right now, you are limiting yourself in an aspect of your life. Whether you care to admit it or not, it's there. But what is that limit? What are you saying to yourself... what are you envisioning... and how can you begin to shift your perspective of it

Actionable Tips + Questions:

  • Where in your life are you currently limiting yourself? What beliefs do you hold that are, in turn, holding you back? What stories are you telling yourself about yourself that just aren't true? Write these down, all of them, as they come
  • Do you think you're not good enough, fast enough, smart enough, or the like... Do you think you'll never win the attention and affection of others... not be able to get into Uni or begin that business... write them all down
  • Now, shift the language you use, get rid of all the "I cant's and I'll never's", turn them into I can's and begin believing in them with all that you have and hold
  • What are 1-3 things you can begin doing today, regardless of how small it might be, to take action on showing to yourself that you can do the thing you're thinking of.and that your potential to grow and develop is nearly limitless
Nick Maier