hard question 007 - should I burn this all down?

"Should I burn this all down"

A good friend of mine introduced me to an interesting concept the other day, and it's one that I've been sitting with ever since to grasp the lesson that lies inside for these next generations...

At this moment in time, we're both pushing ourselves to do things that we never thought possible for us... we're delving into the unknown, and with that, there is a huge shift in energy for the both of us. These new levels we're pushing ourselves to are incredibly uncomfortable

You can feel it inside...

Frustration. Worry. Anxiety. Angst. Excitement. Passion. Intensity. Drive. Ambition. Confidence. And a truckload of fear... It's an interesting cocktail of feelings to have flooding the veins. 

And James summed it up best when he said "Nick, I feel like I'm burning. I have no understanding of what's happening, but it all feels like this burning emotion and intensity is coming out of me. There's so much fear and worry, but so much ambition and excitement at the same time. I know I need to change who I am in order to become who I need to be. It feels like I'm on fire, and I need to go deeper into that fire"

And I know exactly what he means and how he feels. You will too. That moment when you're unsure of if you can pull "this " off... when the throat dries, the heart beats so fast it feels like it's about to explode and the mind either goes blank or races with a million different thoughts

And it was this concept of "I need to go deeper into the fire " that struck me... the fire is the challenges, the unknown, the pain and the fear, the darkness - the place we've been told to never go, to never play with

And then yesterday morning, I came across this small aside from Aubrey Marcus, and it all made sense...

"Is the forest fire a blessing or a curse? Destroyed are the tall trees that have kept time with changing seasons and provided homes for fur and feather. A masterpiece of nature is returned to ash and soil -- a state of potentiality. But from that clean slate comes opportunity. A chance to build a new masterpiece, perhaps even better than before.

Sometimes in our life, we must metaphorically set fire to our monuments to make room for growth. A job, a relationship, a hometown, an image we project. And sometimes these things become incinerated without our involvement. Is it a demon or an angel that did this to us? Is it a blessing or a curse? It is neither. The answer to that question is solely determined by what you cultivate in the empty space that was created." 

Just as a snake sheds its skin, or the forest fire burns away all that once was so that newer, more beautiful things can grow, we too need to shed away the parts of ourselves that don't serve us and only hold & slow us down and walk into the fire of challenges, of pain, of adversity in order to become who we want to become

Just like Khaleesi did with her three dragon eggs...

For me, it's burning away my relationship with money. It's burning away the "view" I have of myself. It's shedding myself of my work-a-holic and 'addicitve' personality traits and focusing on better, not more... It's removing myself from the relationships that don't serve me, but instead drain me...

And here's the kicker... here's the hard part... we've been told from our earliest days not to play with fire... to run away from it whenever we see it. We view the forest fire as a curse, as a complete destruction of what once was... and we fail to see what will be in the future

Perhaps this all ties in with our relationship with change and our attachment to what currently is... It's from the fear and uncertainty of the unknown, from wanting to stay "safe" and "secure", even though that's all a lie we've been told, as nothing, or no moment in time, are we ever truly ever safe or secure

Into the fire we go. Shedding ourselves of what we don't need anymore. It's painful, it's hard to do, but in the end, it's freaking powerful and gets us where we need to go

Actionable Tips + Questions:

  • What aspects or characteristics do I need to rid myself of?
  • What's currently holding me back from doing what I desire to do and becoming who I desire to become?
Nick Maier