hard question 005 - what do I feel?

If there's one thing we cannot do in today's age, it's fully disconnecting and unplugging. From technology, from others, and from that little man/woman inside our own head who is always trying to tell us what to do

And when you look at these things, they're all outside of ourselves or in our own heads, they're all extensions of us - they're not us

And if you ask people what they think of sitting alone by themselves, with only themselves and their thoughts for company - they'll be scared because of what they might uncover and find... scared of the "demons" that might surface

And when I look at the major area we're doing a disservice to these next generations, it's in the realm of emotional support. Of asking them how they're doing, how they're coping with everything, and sitting down to listen intently

We're constantly on, and as parents and coaches, after a long day of work and being inside our own heads, the last thing we think of (which hurts), is to sit down with our kids and see how they're doing, see how their day was... Instead, we show our love and how much we care through materialistic items

Or when we do try to listen, we don't really listen to what the kids are saying, instead we hear what we want to hear and are more inclined to pass them advice that we'd do, when we're a completely different person

And so, today's hard question for these next generations to begin asking themselves is: HOW DO I FEEL/HOW DOES THIS MAKE ME FEEL

We must get out of our own heads and into our bodies. If something makes us feel a certain way, there's a reason for it... we've got to accept that and then try to understand why it's made us feel this way

If we're angry have our beliefs been challenged or have we been made to feel insecure? If so, who's to say that our belief is the correct one, and what/why do we feel insecure

If we're judging someone we need to know that we're truly judging ourselves. We're seeing something in that person that we don't like about ourselves...

The next time you find yourself in a situation where you're wanting to think things through, instead take a deep breath, calm down, and ask yourself what do I feel...

Nick Maier