Hard Question 003 - does this actually help me?

I'll be honest, this past week has been rough. I've gone from the top of Everest to the deepest depths of the ocean, and it's been hard. Such is life though, it comes with trying to do what we're aiming to do with The Academy

But there's been good in this situation, as it's allowed me to practice what we're preaching. There's been frustration, anger, insecurity, a sense of loneliness, and resentment - all the common traits of a failure type mindset - and I've been able to show awareness of them and catch them quicker than prior

It's quite a liberating feeling being able to look back a few hours and see where you went wrong and how. And it begs the asking of this week's hard question

"does this actually help me"

Worry. Frustration. Anger. Insecurity. Resenting others. Do these actually help change the situation in your favour? Are they something you should be giving your energy and focus to?  Do they actually help move you forward to where you want to go

More often than not, the answer is no. They will only slow you down, make you cause more trouble for yourself, expend your energy on things that don't matter and take you away from where you desire to go

It's a phenomenal question to ask when you're in a rut and feeling off. It'll pull you back into the light and a success-oriented mindset

I will say this though too - there is energy and power in anger and frustration if you choose to direct them at the right things. It's when we take our frustration and anger out on others that it's harmful, but if we apply that focus and energy to ourselves and the tasks that need doing, it can be a powerful ally to us. Think of it as the dark side of the force in Star Wars - powerful, but not a place you desire to live forever

To me, I was angry and frustrated at myself for slipping, for not demanding excellence of myself, so I used this in a short training bout and then attacked my work

Does this mental framework you're currently in helping you or is it hindering you? A powerful question to ask yourself...

Actionable Tip + Question:

  • When I get angry, frustrated or worried, what do I usually do? Do I break my pattern or do I allow this pattern of negativity to break me?
  • How can I use these "darker sides of the force" to help me more in the future?
Nick Maier