training tip #002 - activating the glutes for young athletes & adolescents

If there's one training truth that I know to be true, it's that the majority of young athletes and adolescents glutes are "asleep" - they're not awake and not switched on - which can possibly lead to a myriad of injuries and issues later in life

We spend so much time sitting or being inactive these days, that the glutes switch off - and whilst you might think that doing a few squats or lunges prior to training will use the glutes, the truth is, most kids still fail to activate their glutes correctly during these exercises, if at all

The issue lies in the extra pressure that's placed on the lower back and knee's if the glutes don't fire correctly, especially in our hip-dominant movement patterns and those that utilise our posterior chain. There's also a worry when it comes to landing, as if the glutes aren't firing, then the knee's may collapse inwards when we land - and many netballers will know the issue around this

You see, most of our power to perform any movement comes from the posterior chain – the muscles running the entire way along the back of the body. The glutes, in particular, are a dominant muscle group in this posterior chain, and on a whole, they propel us forward, help us stop, make our jumps higher, and also aid us in picking things up off the floor

Activation isn't simply performing movements that use the glutes, it's being able to "turn on" and use your glutes correctly - and to do that, we've got 5 powerful glute activators to help in the video below. Enjoy! :)

Exercises Include:

  1. Glute Bridges (addition of mini band)
  2. Crab Walks
  3. Monster Walk
  4. Clam Shells
  5. Lying Kickback
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Nick Maier