079 - five knee surgeries and an Olympic silver medal

Before this year, I can guarantee that you'd never even heard of Jarryd Hughes... hell, I know that I didn't

Now, he's one of the three Australian's to win a medal at the recent 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang. A rare feat for an Australian and nothing to scour at - and the end result of over a decade of hard work and obstacles

In his first heat of the Olympics, Hughes made countless mistakes and had one of the worst runs of his life - but he bounced back from this to finish 4th fastest... and throughout his short career thus far, he's had FIVE KNEE SURGERIES, more than enough to deter 99.99% of people from achieving their goals - but not him

And what I love most is his answer to the question in a recent interview I saw where he said what got him through these surgeries - he mentioned it was his love for snowboarding, and that he couldn't imagine doing anything different

That's why he's now an Olympic Medallist - he knew what he wanted and he went and got it. He mentioned that since Sochi 4 years earlier all he dreamt of, visualized, and wanted, was to stand on that Olympic podium...

And it's this kind of determination, doggedness, love, and tenacity we need to have as we chase our dreams... I just pray that it doesn't take us five knee surgeries, injuries, or other demons to help us realise it

Nick Maier