076 - finding yourself vs creating yourself

“I’m a great believer in luck. The harder I work, the luckier I get”
- Thomas Jefferson

We’re always searching for “the secret” or “the answer” to our biggest problems in life, and by God I think I’ve found it. But, don’t let it’s simplicity fool you

Don’t throw it away as simply another cliche - as what you’ll find in life is that most cliches are true…

What is it? Well, I believe we spend far too much of our time searching and trying to find ourselves, trying to discover what it is we’re meant to do or what we want to do…

We spend so much time being passive and get lost the stage of planning... It’s great that we start here, as we do need a plan. But there’s something that matters more than the plan, and it’s a powerful truth that came from Tim Ferriss’ book “Tribe of Mentors”

Life is about 25% finding yourself and 75% CREATING yourself

Creating is another word for doing the work. It’s an action. It’s actively working on yourself to become the person that you aspire to become and achieve the success you desire to achieve. Life is all about taking massive action. It’s about identifying where you need to go, what the first step is, and then taking it.

Personally, I’m an over analyser, and in my past I used to get continually trapped in planning and trying to find myself. I would continually overthink situations and paralyse myself. Yet, when I look at the times in my life I’ve grown the most, it’s been when I have quickly identifying what needs to happen, and then spent the majority of my time on making it happen. We can never be certain of what’s going to come or if what we’re trying is going to work, but we can be malleable and adapt to what comes and the feedback we receive

The answer, the secret, lies in taking massive freaking action. It lies in getting outside of your own head, and in turn, getting out of your own way

We all get so caught up in the passive tasks, the “how” to become better, that we fail to see what truly matters. We fail to take what we learn and plan and put it into practice, into reality

I’m a huge fan of Mark Manson for his no BS brevity, and he sums this brilliantly with a quote about self-improvement:

“Because the only way to truly benefit from self-improvement is to one day arrive at a place where you no longer need it. Like a cast for a broken arm. Or a bandage for a deep cut. You put it on, let it heal you. And then you take it off and move on with your life”

The key lies at the end, you take it off and move on with your life

Once you’ve found what it is you need to do, you move on and do it. You already know where you need to improve, what you need to work on, and where you need to go… The action now lies in getting out of your own way and getting on with it, and doing the work that needs to be done

Actionable Tips + Questions:

  • Where in my life, or my sport, am I currently bogged down and stuck in the “planning” stage?

  • What’s one simple step I can take to get myself out of planning, into action, and generate some momentum for myself?

Nick Maier