mindset bite #011 - the final push is always the hardest

Seth Godin calls it "the dip" - the moment when we make a choice on having to stick with what we're doing, or quit & move on to something else

But he argues that there are good times to quit, to pivot, and move onto something else

Here, I'm talking about the times it gets hard and we need to stick, but far too many quit or pivot when they're so close to the end...

The funniest thing is, that when this moment of decision comes, we're always right before that final hurdle - the last big effort we need to achieve what we set out to do... and the saddest thing? Most people choose the easiest option

They don't stick... they "quit" or pivot onto something else... something new... something easier... right when the "gold" was there for the taking if they only dug one more meter

If you're familiar with Paulo Coelho's "The Alchemist", within it he writes:

"Before a dream is realized, the Soul of the World tests everything that was learned along the way. It does this not because it is evil, but so that we can, in addition to realizing our dreams, master the lessons we’ve learned as we’ve moved toward that dream. That’s the point at which most people give up. It’s the point at which, as we say in the language of the desert, one 'dies of thirst just when the palm trees have appeared on the horizon."

It's the meme of the guy digging for gold and giving up just inches before finding it... the story of having put in all the hard work, making all the sacrifices and dedication - and coming up empty handed right before you achieve...

At this present point in time, there's an Academy Girl who's living this out - she's made the National Ice Skating Squad that travels to Abu Dhabi, and her training has REALLY ramped up due to it. So much so, that there is fatigue beginning to show and a desire to put certain things off, thins that have helped her get to where she now is

The funny thing is though, that the competition is early January, less than a month away... and this right here is the final push asking how bad she really wants it - that's the mental shift we need to have

This too shall pass... that needs to become the mantra

This is the final sprint to see who gets over the line first... this is the last bit of effort that will help take you to where you desire to go

This is the time where most people pack it in, and then in later years are left to wonder "what if"... they're left with that pain of regret... not you though, you'd rather the pain of discipline of doing the work... of getting over this final hump... through this small dip... and come out on the other side smiling

The final push is always the hardest - when you're aware of that, you'll know when you're so close to achieving what you desire to achieve

Actionable Tips/Questions:

  • Adopt a Stoics Mindset of knowing that "this too shall pass". Let the adversity make you stronger, and stick tightly to doing the work that will help you achieve the goal you've set yourself
  • Know that when it's getting hard you've got a choice "do I stick with this, or do I change course..." & " is this the final hurdle, the last sprint before I get to where I desire to go?"
Nick Maier