037 - do you fight for your own limitations

It's something I just cannot comprehend, and it will probably bamboozle you too. I get that we all make excuses as it's a natural component of life. And we all postpone action due to this

The thing that perplexes me is that the thing we will fight hardest for is our own self-perceived limitations. We will fight hardest for our weaknesses and our flaws, not for our strengths or our potential...

But here's a question, can you think of someone who has achieved what you desire to achieve with more difficult situations than you? 

As here's the thing, if you come up with one, there's no excuse you can make and there's no universal law that says you can't achieve it too - as it's already been done

There is nothing saying that you can't achieve it, except for you. You are the only one, and I'm here to tell you that you can

Now the question becomes: how badly do you want to fight for your own self-perceived limitations?

What you're truly searching for is permission from yourself to try, to fail, and to give it your best shot. Permission that you can do whatever you want

Well, here it is. Here is your permission to chase whatever it is that you desire in life

Actionable Tip/Question:

  • What are my self-perceived limitations? Are these truth, or are they a false-narrative I tell myself about myself?
Nick Maier