080 - it's time to calm down...

I'm not going to lie, this one hit me like a ton of bricks... it was a huge punch to the face and envokes a massive realisation inside of me that helped to clarify everything and made me see what lie in front of me clearly

But first, why did I even need this realisation? And why was everything so foggy?

Well, the main culprits were self-limiting beliefs, destructive & defeating self-talk, mixed with an abundance of overwhelming feelings. See, we're pushing hard here at The Academy - we're seeking adversity, obstacles, and growth in order to add more value and provide more educational and empowering content for both the phenomenal kids we're blessed to impact face-to-face and online

That includes finding a publisher for my book, doing this daily blog/podcast, finalising a unique/never-seen-before online mindset course, updating our programming system and much more on top of family duties, relationship duties, social media duties AND our own training...

It's intense, and I'll admit it's gotten the better of me... so much so that I've been thinking that I have too much on my plate and we're pushing too hard. I've been contemplating taking our foot off the gas, as it seems like the sensible thing to do... to slow down and focus

It's only natural and it's what the majority of people would do, right? I thought so to...

But then my business coach hit me with this exceptional reframe: "Nick, you don't need to slow down, you need to CALM DOWN"

Slowing down does nothing, it doesn't help us get closer to where we desire to go... but calming down, letting go of the overwhelm to see it for what it truly is and focus in this way helps tremendously

Overwhelm is simply a feeling we experience when our brain is processing more information than it's used to - it's positive if we choose to see it that way. It means you're pushing, you're not accepting mediocrity, and you're on the right path... slowing down doesn't help the situation, as it doesn't fix it

So if you're feeling overwhelmed right now and think you need to stop or slow down, don't. Calm down instead, assess the situation, and try to identify the key logs you need to focus on in order to get the water moving freely again downstream

Actionable Tips + Questions:

  • If I'm feeling overwhelmed and like I need to stop or slow down, where are these feelings come from? Where am I giving my time and energy at the moment, is there something(s) that aren't helping me move forward that I can be rid of? For instance, entire weekends spent with friends might be fun in the moment, but they leave me feeling overwhelmed and frustrated during the week to train hard and get my schoolwork done, so perhaps I don't spend the entire weekend with them, but only part of it...
Nick Maier