041 - an unseen demon that young athletes & adolescents battle w/ Hayden Daniels

Just yesterday we had the pleasure of taking a small group of 10 young athletes and adolescents through our half-day mindset workshop to go deep into discovering the things that are holding them back and how to overcome them

We had dancers, footballers, rugby league players, netballers, and more - and at the very beginning, I got a huge shock from 7 of them. Now, this is something that I didn't foresee, as looking from the outside, everything looked perfect and that it was going great

But from their perspective, everything inside was turmoil - and these 7 said the biggest obstacle and demon they face at this present time was confidence, belief, and self-worth/self-acceptance. To say that it rattled me is an understatement, and yet in hindsight, I guess this shouldn't really be a surprise

One thing that we're all blind to is how much we show these next generations their limitations... how much we compare them and show them to what they should be like, not what they could be like if they wanted to... we don't show them their potential, their strengths, and what they're truly capable of, and in turn, they reminisce upon their weaknesses, their past failures, and their self-perceived limitations

Competence breeds confidence - and we all have past successes we can draw from to get this ball rolling. For some reason, we always struggle to see and remember these more than we can our failures. Yet, confidence is simply a choice, as even when nothing is going right and it seems like the weight of the world is on my shoulders, I can choose to be confident simply because I decide I am

You can stand a little taller...
Puff that chest out...
Widen your stance to take up more space and put a smile on your face...

And physiologically, you're going to change your psychology... your hormonal cocktail is shifting to that of a more positive one - testosterone is increasing and cortisol is decreasing, a perfect mix! And imagine looking at a person who is in this stance, they would appear to be confident, yes? But who know's what's happening inside their own head...

Choose to tell yourself more empowering stories about yourself, your abilities and your past successes... choose to stand a little taller, and walk into the situation knowing you deserve to be there and that you're going to give your best, whatever that is that you have at that moment, as that's all anyone could ever ask of you

And always remember that YOUR POTENTIAL TRULY IS NEARLY LIMITLESS, as with enough energy, focus, and time there is nothing that you cannot achieve in this life

Actionable Tips/Questions:

  • How would you rate your confidence on a scale of 1-10? Why? Why isn't it higher?
  • What are your top 5 strengths? Write them down... and now, what are 3 past successes you've had that you can draw from? Again, write them down and use these as anchors to draw confidence and inspiration from
Nick Maier