DD24 - The Power of Supportive Environments | Aphra O'Brien Slade

"People will tell you to go this way or that way, but it's in choosing your own path that leads you where you want to be. It's your decision to make... And you've always got to believe in yourself, as any doubts at all will set you back" - Aphra O'Brien Slade

Powerful. Vulnerable. Authentic. That's how you describe this weeks Deep Dive on The Youth Development Hour with our very own Aphra <3

We delve into:
✅ What it takes to compete at a National Level
✅ Sacrifices, Dedication & Reward
✅ Aph's sock & spoon collection...
✅ The difference GREAT coaching makes
✅ The power of environments for growth
✅ And much more...

This one was a heart-warmer fam <3

Nick Maier