DD25 - Show Me Your Heart & Authentic Self | Anders Varner

Being at the centre of Strength & Conditioning on a global scale is a pretty special place to live

It introduces you to some amazing experiences and even more amazing people... and along the way, you learn powerful lessons that help shape and transform your life

Such is a part of the story of Anders Varner. It's one filled with passion, heart, authenticity and vulnerability

This is the 2nd time we've been blessed to have a Deep Dive with this world class human on The Youth Development Hour - and goddam is it raw and vulnerable

Here's some of what you can expect:

✅ Coach Nick shares some personal things he's never shared before

✅ Why the youth have to stop thinking they need to "make it" & why they're already there...

✅ Why John Cena privately flew Anders across the USA

✅ Why your heart matters most

✅ Anders tells his best (see: WORST) joke

✅ And much more...

Vulnerable and powerful, that's what this episode is fam ❤️

Nick Maier