training tip #003 - activating the back for young athletes and adolescents

If there's one training truth that I know to be true, it's that the majority of young athletes and adolescents upper backs are "asleep" - they're not awake and not switched on - which can possibly lead to a myriad of injuries and issues later in life

And it comes of no surprise, as you think of how much time we spend at our laptops, on our phones, or simply standing in a poor postural position where the shoulders are rounded. The reason being that the upper back "shuts off" and the chest tightens - which isn't helped by everyone's fascination with training their chest more than their back...

Our solution to this is to always do more back work than chest work, in a 3:1 ratio - but that's for another time

But this is where the issue lies as if we're not activating the upper back properly & getting into a proper postural position, than any work that we do on the back won't do what it's intended to do

You see, great posture and a lot of our upper body power & strength stems from the back, and being able to activate the upper back and the lats goes a long way to helping young athletes and adolescents better their posture, and increase their strength, size, and power

Activation isn't simply performing movements that use the back during your warmup, like pumping out a few rows and pull-ups... it's being able to "turn on" and use your back correctly - and to do that, we've got 5 powerful upper back and lat activators to help in the video below. Enjoy! :)

Exercises Include:

  1. IYTW's/Supermans
  2. Banded Pullapart
  3. Facepull w/ Pause
  4. Straight Arm Pulldown w/ Pause
  5. Single Arm Row w/ Pause
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Nick Maier