070 - get comfortable with losing...

101-61. That's the record of last years World Series winner's the Houston Astro's regular season record. 101 wins, 61 losses. Roughly a 6 out of 10 success rate, 4 out of 10 losing or "failure" rate... And in the postseason (i.e. finals), they went 11-7, again, a 63% success rate

And there's many of us, myself included, who get dejected when we lose. I know I'm incredibly competitive, and in my past, I used to think a loss was a failure when this couldn't be further from the truth. Losing is a part of the process of winning, it's a stepping stone, and it's something that will be ever-present in our attempts to chase our goals and achieve what we dream of

If the Astro's players had lost their belief and faith in themselves after losing 3 games in the world series, they wouldn't have won the title... they knew they were still in with a chance, and that's all that they needed

And it's this kind of mindset that these next generations need to begin to develop - one where they know that losing is part of the process, and it's something they welcome and learn from, not something that holds them back

It's a stepping stone, and it's one you need to get comfortable with, for it will always happen. Now, that's not to say we should get satisfied with it... in fact, it's the complete opposite, we're not telling you to like, enjoy, or be satisfied with losing, we're simply telling you to not get angry when it shows up and to accept it and move on

To learn from the losses, reflect on them, be positively dissatisfied with your performance, see where you can improve and take action on improving

If you want to be a winner, if you want to be a champion, then you best get comfortable with losing and accept it as part of the process of becoming a winner. In the words of Yoda, a better relationship with losing you must form

Actionable Tips + Questions:

  • Do I currently tie myself and my identity into losing and think of myself as a failure if I lose? If so, where does this come from?

  • Write down on a piece of paper "losing is part of the process of becoming a champion" and place it somewhere that you will see it daily

Nick Maier