#016 - Why We've Got It All Wrong When It Comes To Goal Setting w/ Coach Nick

016 - The Youth Academy

Goals are, in essence, nothing but brief fleeting moments in time. They're things we put our sights on and work towards achieving, only for the feeling of fulfilment & excitement to pass us by, left feeling empty and focusing on the next thing

And then why is it, that when we discuss the idea of goals, people aren't reaching theirs... it's not because they're trying to achieve too much - there's no such thing as that - it's because they're framing it & going about it the wrong way...

Young athletes & adolescents need to focus on the experiences they want to have in their sport & life, not goals - and then focus on the process and ticking off the things that will help them become the athlete & person who gets to have those experiences...

In today's podcast, Coach Nick delves deep into this aspect - and gives a multitude of examples as to how we reframe "goals" into experiences here at The Academy, as well as a few of his personal ones

He also touches on the one powerful mantra that will help you stay focused and free from distractions

Nick Maier