#014 - Paul "The Chief" Harragon On The Power of Belief & Eating + Sleeping Your Dreams

Paul Harragon - The Youth Academy

Paul Harragon has achieved most things a professional footballer could... 
He's captained his home city to a premiership, and has donned the colours of both his state & country - so it's safe to say he knows a thing or two about generating "success" as an athlete

And perhaps unsurprisingly, there was a ton of adversity along the way - but it's this adversity that generates greatness... as this adversity forces us to grow & become better than we currently are

In this episode, The Chief shares a wealth of phenomenal lessons he's learned to pass on to the next generations, including:
- The Power of Belief
- Why "Eating & Sleeping" Your Dreams is Key...
- Staying In The Present Moment to Enjoy Everything
- How His Rivalry with Mark Carroll Made Him A Better Player
- And much more...

Nick Maier