#010 - StrongFirst's Chief SFG Brett Jones Shares 20yrs Worth of Experience & Life Lessons...

Brett Jones #010 - The Youth Academy

"strength is the foundation for developing all other physical qualities" - Leonid Matveev

StrongFirst is known as the School of Strength - they're absolutely world-class. And in Academy Podcast #010 we were blessed to have a chat with their Cheif SFG, Brett Jones

Brett has over 20years of experience working within the strength industry, including working with professional teams & athletes - and his wealth of knowledge is indescribable

Brett shares immense insights specific to young athletes around:
- The True Meaning of Strength
- The One Key Factor That Guarantee's Success
- Detaching from Social Media & Staying True To Yourself
- The Commonality Between All the Greatest Professional Athlete's He's Encountered
- What Captain America Can Teach Us About Living Life

Nick Maier