#009 - Strength Coach Marco Augusto On Overcoming Life's Seemingly Insurmountable Obstacles with The Lessons Physical Training Teaches Us

Podcast #009 - The Youth Academy

Strength Coach Marco August is the definition of a stoic...
He's been through hell and has come back alive... 
He has left the "security" of the world we deem to be correct and has taken the leap to chase his dream... 

And he demonstrates the grit, determination, and self-awareness it takes to achieve any and all goals you set yourself. As he knows that if there's one thing that's certain for us in life, it's that we will stare seemingly insurmountable adversities dead in the eye

And in this week's podcast, we deliver nuggets of gold around:
- Setting Your Intention to Get The Most Out of "Life"
- How Your Training Teaches You Lessons About Life
- The Key Factor To Young Athletes & Training Success
- The Power of Travel, And How The Next Generation Can Harness It
- How To Stare Adversity & The Face & Make It Your B*tch
- Taking Ownership of Your Life

Nick Maier